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Latest News

Dec 06, 1999
Cyclos announces the release of version 2.10 of their popular Hi-Note software.
Please note that PCHi-Note is 100% compatible with this latest release of Hi-Note.
Dec 05, 1999
softEssence commences updating it's web site for easier use and to provide more useful information.
[Note : There may be broken links or incomplete pages. These will be updated shortly]
Older News

Sep 21, 1998
A number of Palm III users reported having problems with the Install on Next HotSync option. This has now been fixed.
DOWNLOAD the latest version of PCHi-Note.
Also check out the On-Line Manual and the FAQ for PCHi-Note.
Sep 17, 1998
If you use Hi-Note (a Cyclos product), and wish you could access your database on your PC then wish no more!!
Now Released, PCHi-Note is a Win95/WinNT outliner program that allows you to read and modify your Hi-Note database, giving you all that functionality that Hi-Note gives you and more!!
Just click here to learn more about this need-to-have application!!. Or DOWNLOAD PCHi-Note right now!!
Sep 3, 1998
softEssence came on-line on September 3rd, 1998.


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