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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  Please check the PCHi-Note on-line manual as well, if this FAQ does not answer your question.

  This FAQ is made up from the many questions and queries and requests that people like yourself have sent to us.
softEssence would like to thank all those people that have written to us, and we would like to encourage you to write if you are having problems with PCHi-Note, or there is some aspect of PCHi-Note that you believe we could improve, or some new functionality that you think we should include in the next major release.



Questions and Answers

Qu. How is PCHi-Note and Hi-Note related.
Ans. PCHi-Note was created by softEssence. Hi-Note was created by Cyclos. Each company is independent of the other and there is no affiliation between the two. Each company does however share ideas and information in order to enhance both products for the betterment of our customers. There is no agreement for cross licensing of these two products.



Qu. Okay, so I've downloaded PCHi-Note. How do I access my Hi-Note database?
Ans. Warning : While every effort has been taken to ensure that PCHi-Note operates correctly, please note that there is always the possibility of data corruption or loss. It is therefore advisable that you take the precaution of regularly backuping up your data, including the Hi-Note database!!
By default, the Hi-Note database on your PalmPilot is backed-up everytime you do a HotSync. This backup can be controlled by using PalmPilot applications (such as BackupBuddy). This database will be copied to a backup folder where you installed the PalmDesktop.
[Note: it is good practise to make regular backups of the user folder (in the Palm folder)]
The path of the backup folder will be something like :
    c:\pilot\username\backup, or
where username is something like your surname and first initial.
So when you startup PCHi-Note use the Open command on the File menu, and locate the Hi-Note database in the backup directory. The name of the database is hi-notedb.pdb.
Thats it. Now you can view and modify your data.
IMPORTANT : Please take the time to read the next 2 questions and answers regarding HotSyncing your changes back to your PalmPilot.



Qu. What happens when I select Install On Next HotSync from the Tools menu?
Ans. Okay. First a quick explanation of the HotSync operation is needed. When you hit the HotSync button on the cradle, the following things happen:
  • All the data for the built-in applications (Datebook/Address/ToDo/Memo/Mail) get synchronised.
  • Applications and Databases that you have selected to be installed using the install tool will be installed to the PalmPilot.
  • Any Applications and Databases on the PalmPilot that are flagged to get backed-up, are copied to the PalmDesktop backup folder on the PC.
So when you use the install command in PCHi-Note, the database that you have opened is saved, and then copied to the install folder (it is given the name hi-notedb.pdb), and PCHi-Note tells the Palm HotSync utility to install it next time you hit the HotSync button.



Qu. How come when I added stuff to my PalmPilot using Hi-Note, and I also added changes using PCHi-Note on my PC, my changes that I made on the PalmPilot are lost?
Ans. This occurs because PCHi-Note does not provide synchronisation of data. In other words, it does not combine all the changes you made on your PalmPilot with all the changes you made on your PC. In the future this may occur, but for now it is not possible.
In order to prevent data loss of this kind, you must remember that you can only make changes on one platform (either the PC or the PalmPilot, but not both), and then before making changes on the other platform, you must first use activate the HotSync. By HotSyncing, you will ensure that both Hi-Note and PCHi-Note are up to date.



Qu. When will a Mac version be coming out?
Ans. At this time softEssence has no plans for releasing a Macintosh version of PCHi-Note. However, if there is enough interest, then it could be a possibility.



Qu. The PalmPilot supports 4 colors. Can I import 4 color images into PCHi-Note
Ans. No. The reason is that Hi-Note cannot display them on your PalmPilot, so there is no need for PCHi-Note to let you import them.



Qu. When I do some things (such as importing and exporting and pasting), the information that is moved does not appear to be complete.
Ans. This software is distributed as demoware. This means that it is a demonstration version, and doesn't have full functionality. You can do almost everything that is available in the registered version, but there are certain restrictions in place. The purpose of the demonstration version is to allow you to evaluate this software and decide if it will be useful to you before you spend your money.



  If you have a question, then please write to softEssence at :



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