Private Checkbox

see picture of application screen

Every record in the database has a Private attribute. This attribute is due to a built in security feature of the PalmPilot. Its main purpose is to provide some level of security to sensitive data. Due to rules on enforcing and displaying records, it is a requirement that all subrecords of a private record must also be private. So if you make a record private, then all its subrecords will also become private. This also means that if you wish to turn off the private status of a record, the parent of this record must be not be a private record. In both cases you will be warned.

All records that have this private attribute set will be hidden when the database is first opened. By default, when a database is opened, all private records are hidden. You can select Hide Private Notes from the File menu in order to display (or hide) all private notes.

Initially when you install this application, there will be no security associated with this functionality.

Due to certain limitations, this application cannot secure these private records with the password that you use on your PalmPilot. In a feeble attempt to provide some level of security, you can add a password (see Change Password on the Tools Menu) in order to secure visibility of private records, on your PC. You may use the same menu command to change your password at any time. The same password is used to secure all databases.

If private records are hidden, and you set or enable the private status of a note, then it will disappear, as you would expect. In order to display it, you must disable hiding of private records.

WARNING : Private records generally contain sensitive information that you do not want viewed by other persons. Be aware that this is not a secure environment, and you should take further actions to ensure security of this information.