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The first time that you run PCHi-Note, you will be prompted to open a database file to view and edit. It is very important to the successful operation of PCHi-Note that the correct file is opened. You should open the backed-up Hi-Note database file that is created by HotSync. This file is called hi-notedb.pdb and is located somewhere similar to:
where 'username' is similar to your Palm user name.

If you don't open this file with PCHi-Note, then the mechanism of transferring Hi-Note data between the PC and the Palm will not work correctly.

Also, it is wise to make regular backups of the hi-notedb.pdb file incase of a situation where this file becomes corrupted or lost in some manner. In my experience, it is not recommended to rely on tte HotSync mechanism to ensure that your Palm data is reliably backed-up and secure.

Major Characteristics:

PCHi-Note is a database editor that allows textual and image data to be stored and displayed in a hierarchical tree structure. The database file format is compatible with the PalmPilot application Hi-Note.

PCHi-Note is mainly aimed at current users of Hi-Note. It allows users to utilise the power of their PC to manage the information in their Hi-Note database, before HotSyncing the changes back to their Pilot.

PCHi-Note also provides the general Windows user with the functionality of a simple, but useful, outliner application. Using or having a PalmPilot or Hi-Note is not a requirement.

Hardware/Software Requirements:

PCHi-Note is a Win32 application and as such requires Microsoft Windows 95 or NT. Several Microsoft DLL's are required for the application to run (see Installation/Configuration).

It is recommended that a colour SVGA card be used.

For improved ease of use it is recommended that a mouse or other pointing device be available (all functionality is accessible via keyboard).

Reaching the Author:

If you have any questions about this application, or you wish to communicate problems, errors, or future additions or enhancements, then please contact Dougal Austin at softEssence by e-mail.


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