Installation and Troubleshooting


The first time that you run PCHi-Note, you will be prompted to open a database file to view and edit. It is very important to the successful operation of PCHi-Note that the correct file is opened. You should open the backed-up Hi-Note database file that is created by HotSync. This file is called hi-notedb.pdb and is located somewhere similar to:
where 'username' is similar to your Palm user name.

If you don't open this file with PCHi-Note, then the mechanism of transferring Hi-Note data between the PC and the Palm will not work correctly.

Also, it is wise to make regular backups of the hi-notedb.pdb file incase of a situation where this file becomes corrupted or lost in some manner. In my experience, it is not recommended to rely on tte HotSync mechanism to ensure that your Palm data is reliably backed-up and secure.


This application has no special installation/configuration requirements. Unzip the archive file that you downloaded, and copy the executable file PCHiNote.exe and it's help file PCHi-Note.hlp somewhere in your path, or in an appropriate sub-directory.

Then simply run the application from Windows Explorer. For ease of use it is advisable that you create a shortcut to PCHi-Note on your Start Menu.

This program REQUIRES the following dynamic link library files to be placed in the \Win\System folder for Windows95 and the \WinNT\system32 folder for WindowsNT.

mfc42.dll MFC core code

msvcrt.dll Shared DLL version of C Run-Time

These libraries can be downloaded from the numerous websites including:

or search for a site close to you at:

Uninstalling PCHi-Note:

To remove PCHi-Note, simply delete the application, and any databases that you have created and no longer require.