Attached Note Display Window

see picture of application screen

The Attached Note Window is a normal edit box that displays the associated title of the record and any associated textual data. Each note may store at to 28k (28672 bytes) of data. This limit is imposed by the PalmPilot application Hi-Note. You will be prevented from typing any data past this limit, and any data that is pasted in will be truncated to fit into this limit, and you will be warned of such an event.

You can move to this window by clicking in the window or by tabbing to the window or by using the Alt-A (A for Attached) shortcut.

The first line of the Attached Note is always the title of the record. If it is long it will wrap around. The title data ends with the first carriage return/line feed.

The remaining text is the attached note. You can use normal editing operations including cursor movements (cursor arrows, page up/down, and home/end) as well as clipboard functionality (copy Ctrl-C, cut Ctrl-X, paste Ctrl-V).

If the title (ie. the first line/paragraph) in this window is modified, the title in the Tree Display Window is automatically updated.

Note : If the record is ReadOnly, then the attached note and its title cannot be edited (obviously).