Import Picture command (Tools menu)

Allows an uncompressed monochrome (ie. two colour picture, normally black and white) Windows BMP bitmap file to be imported into a picture record. The user will be prompted to browse for a bmp file to import. Once the user has selected a file to open, the file will be validated. If the file is not an uncompressed monochrome Windows BMP file, then an error message will appear. If it is a valid picture then the following dialog box will appear

Due to limits imposed by Hi-Note, there are a restricted number of valid sizes for width and height of Pictures. So you are given the choice of selecting the size of the new picture. The sizes default to the smallest that will completely contain the imported picture. The pciture is not modified or resized. If the new sizes of the picture are smaller than the current image data, then the picture will be clipped. If the new sizes are bigger than the image data, then the image data will be placed in the upper left hand corner of the picture with a white background.