Licensing, Registration and Disclaimer


This software is a DEMONSTRATION VERSION. You are granted a license to use this product up to 200 times. After that time, you are required to purchase the product through registration or else discontinue its use.

By installing this software the user implicitly agrees with the utilisation rules described in this file and in PCHi-Note's help topic: "Licensing, Registration and Disclaimer".


After you register your copy of PCHi-Note, you will receive a Registration Code by email. Entering this information in the Register PCHi-Note dialog box will remove any functional limitations and reminder messages from the demonstration version.


Single user license for PCHi-Note : US$20.00

Multiple/Site/World license for PCHi-Note : Contact softEssence for license fees.

How to Register

You can register in one of two ways:

1. You can register by running the registration program Register.exe that came with PCHi-Note. (If you didnít receive this program, then you can download it from our website, or download the latest version of PCHi-Note). Follow the instructions given by Register.

2. You can visit our web site and use our reliable and secure on-line registration system.

For more information on registering PCHi-Note, please go to our web page at :


You are granted the right to use and to make an unlimited number of copies of this Demonstration Version of this software. You may not disassemble, decompose, reverse engineer, or alter any of the files in the package. This includes, but is not limited to modifying any icons, menus, or displays associated with the software.

This software is provided as DEMOWARE and cannot be sold. This restriction does not apply to connect time charges, or flat rate connection/download fees for electronic bulletin board services. This software can not be bundled with any commercial package or distributed by itself or accompanying books or magazines without express written permission from the author.

The author of this program accepts no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of this product and makes no warranty or representation, either express or implied, including but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This software is provided "AS IS", and you, its user, assume all risks when using it.


You acknowledge that you have read this agreement, understand it, and that by opening or using this software you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. You further agree that this is the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between you and softEssence, which supersedes any proposal or prior agreement. All rights in the software not specifically granted in this Agreement are reserved by softEssence.