Tree Display Window

see picture of application screen

Tree Components

The Tree Display Window displays database records in a hierarchical list.

The following picture shows the main components of this window :

Each record consists of a title (or label). To the left of this is an image indicating the type of data associated with the record. It can be either



Each record may have a list of subrecords (or child records) associated with it. To the left of the image indicator there may be a button



These buttons can be clicked to expand or collapse the tree. All subrecords are linked together with their corresponding parent record and each other by dotted lines to enhance the respective linkage of the associated records.

The currently selected record is hilighted with a different background colour.

Navigating the Tree

You can use either a mouse or the keyboard to navigate the database records.

First move the focus to the Tree Display Window by clicking inside the window or by tabbing to this window or using the Alt-T (T for Tree) shortcut.

To select a particular record, you can simply click on the title or image associated with the record, or just use the Up and Down cursor keys to move to the record. The selected record will be hilighted with a different background colour. You will notice that other information areas of the application will be updated to display the information associated with the selected record.

If a record has subrecords, you can click the Expand and Collapse button to show or hide the associated subrecords. You can also achieve this by using the Enter key to toggle this status, or the Left and Right cursor keys to show and hide the sub records.

Editing the Record Title

The record title maybe edited by selecting the record and either clicking on the selected record again, or by pressing the Space Bar to enable an edit box. Clicking outside the edit box, or pressing the Enter key will end the title editing. See Attached Note Window for a further way to edit the record title

Moving and Reordering Records

Records and branches can be reordered by a dragging and dropping action. Currently this action is only available by using a mouse (ie. it cannot be done from the keyboard, sorry).

To move a record (and all its subrecords) first select the record you want to move.

Then point to the selected record, and then hold down the mouse button. When the drag-and-drop pointer appears , move the cursor to the new record (which will be hilighted) that you wish to insert the dragged record into, and release the mouse button. The dragged item will become a subrecord of the record you dragged to.

If you wish to drop it below the record, rather than into it, you can hold the Ctrl (Control) key down before you release the mouse button and a new pointer will appear ,. This will place the dragged record after (and at the same level) as the record you dragged it to. Using the Ctrl key allows you to reorder notes, instead of just moving them.

Context Tree Menu

A special Tree Context Menu may also be accessed as a floating context menu by right clicking in the Tree Display Window. If you right click on a record, then it will be selected before the context menu is activated.

Creating New Notes and Pictures

See the New commands on the Tree Context Menu and Import Note and Import Picture on the Tools menu and the Copy/Paste commands on the Tree Context menu for ways to create or insert new notes and pictures.